2014-2015 Progress

Perhaps the most exciting new feature in 2014 is theEnchanted Woodland Fairy Trail.A network oftwelve fairy houses have appeared at the reserve, hidden away in secret locations for youngsters(and the young at heart) to discover as they walk round this delightful environment. The Trail issupplemented by a booklet offering a trail quest, providing an additional activity for children tofollow while looking for the fairy houses. This will enhance their observational skills, as well as simply being fun to do.
2014-15 has been the busiest yet for our organisation. In addition to the public served, our trustees and management committee were busy in 2014 with efforts to strengthen our organisation that
• Increasing our activities and marketing in order to secure more visitors and members
• Opening the reserve to the public for 7 days a week
• Continuing to invest in the refurbishment of the Field Study Centre in order to increase its longevity significantly
• Increasing the number and frequency of our education activities for schools and the community
We operate our organisation as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our organisation provides services to our local community. We could not do that without the commitment of our volunteers. Volunteers provided more than 5,000 hours of service in 2014. At a minimal £6.00 per hour wage, that is at least £30,000 worth of work contributed to serve local residents.
Over the last four years, much progress has been made to the fabric of the reserve, the grounds, the structures, bringing improvement and change. In 2014, we have increased car parking facilities for disabled visitors right next to the Field Study Centre which is in the best condition it has been for years and the general agreement is that with its new roof and timber cladding in 2014, it will be used for many years to come yet.


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