A Fresh New Look

Monkton Nature Reserve has enjoyed some notable successes over the past few months, in visitor numbers, in income, and importantly in the number of very capable and dedicated staff and volunteers we now have in our team.  This has enabled us to become more business-like in our operations – indeed we are now beginning to look like a professional organisation!

We have therefore decided to carry out some rebranding, to improve our overall image, and have adopted not one, but three new logos to separately represent the Thanet Countryside Trust, Monkton Nature Reserve, and the Monkton Stargazers.


The previous logo – the Bee Orchid – has served us well, being the first attempt at branding adopted by the Trust.  However, it is not a familiar plant and can only be seen in flower at the Reserve during May to June.  The style is also a little dated and lacks impact.

These new logos correct these faults in that they are more representative of the three elements of our activities, do have more of an impact on people, and are individual yet linked (note the “arc of care” that features in each).

You will see these new logos appearing on our documentation over the coming months as we pursue a ‘soft launch’ of our re-branding.  This will enable us to use up existing documents and literature bearing the old logo rather than just dispose of it, thereby saving us additional printing costs.

Please note:  the logos were designed by a small group of our volunteers, and we are extremely grateful for the application of their professional expertise.  As such these logos are the “intellectual property” of the Trust and permission must be obtained to reproduce them.

Andrew Ogden (Trustee) – Volunteer




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