Bargain Books for November and December

Dare I mention the ‘C’ word? The shops are now filling up with chocolates, Christmas puddings and pies and other treats, so we thought we should give you the opportunity of some bargain Christmas-themed books. These will be on our BARGAIN BOOKS trolley from the beginning of November up until Christmas.

Other selections on the trolley will include:

  • Our small selection of Large Print books
  • A miscellany of books which might make good stocking fillers

Authors: Ruth Hamilton; Iris Gower; Susan Howatch

All books on the trolley are priced at 50p.

From time to time we receive collections of unusual books. We currently have a box full of technical books on soil, forestry and crops in Africa and Asia. These are too technical for the average reader, but if you know anyone who may be interested in this collection, please contact the reserve for more details of the books available.

Another couple of books of specialised interest are:

A book by Pavel Popescu written in Romanian, Russian and French. The title in Romanian is ‘Reportaj de Front’ and ‘Reportage de Guerre’ in French. I am unable to reproduce the title in Russian! The book is about Romania during World War II and contains some striking black and white photos.

The second book is written in a Cyrillic script (I think it must be Bulgarian) and is about the town of Pleven in Bulgaria. It appears to be some time in the 1960s and, again, there are some beautiful black and white photos. There is some kind of official endorsement stamp on the front flyleaf with a signature.

We also have a number of books in German, Russian and Spanish.


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