Cummins Working

Cummins Working
Work has been recently completed in April 2015 on external timber cladding to the walls, which should extend the serviceable life of the building for at least another 20 years. Once again staff from Cummins, the generator manufacturer, gave their valuable time and resources to help us get this under way. After clearing the vegetation around the building and painting the outer panels with waterproofing, the Cummins staff came for two days in September 2014 to begin putting up batons, insulation and cladding the exterior of the building with log-lap. We are extremely grateful to all their staff, and especially Luke Warburton and Peter King who have helped us so far and are endeavouring to continue to work with us. For example, they are provided us with some materials so that we were able to completed the construction of a new Observatory in 2014-15. The external cladding is complete around the building; we have installed all new double glazed windows in timber frames. As a result, the building will be warmer, drier, cheaper to run and much more comfortable to visit!


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