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As I’m sure you are aware, one strand of the charitable purpose of the Trust is promoting environmental education. For this purpose, we will be erecting (at the time this newsletter is being published, in fact) a new timber-framed Education Shelter in the Willett Educational Garden. The location of the shelter is behind where the bug hotel and compost heaps were located, meaning that there will be no reduction in the size of the Willett Educational Garden itself. This area was originally covered by thick bramble, but even after clearing the required area, the shelter will still be enclosed on three sides.

The Education Shelter is a single-storey building with a veranda to the front which will have a ramped access for wheelchairs, and will be large enough to seat a class of 30 children. The building will provide additional covered space for schools when they visit, which will be especially useful in inclement weather. The Willett Educational Garden itself will also be re-modelled, providing a variety of wildlife habitats which, of course, will all then be within close proximity to the new shelter. At the moment, only the building itself is being erected, and this part of the project should be complete before Christmas. We will then, hopefully in the not-too-distant future, run an electricity supply to the shelter. As you can imagine, this new facility will offer a lot of potential to our educational capabilities.

Martin – Asst. Manager


  1. Pamela gallamoy


    I’ve recently become a member and have been enjoying your star gazing events – thanks. I’m a home educator, and have previously attended a birds of prey workshop at the reserve. I wondered if anyone is organising educational groups that I could speak to? There is an active home education community locally and I’m sure there would be lots of interest.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. admin

      Hi Pamela

      Thanks for your email. We certainly do cater to educational groups. I have forwarded your enquiry to some of my colleagues and we will get in touch soon.

      Martin squire
      Assistant Manager
      Monkton Nature Reserve

  2. Rachael Relton

    I am a member and childminder in Margate. Would there be scope to use the Education Shelter for childminders/mindees? Perhaps as a group once a month or bi weekly, along those lines.

    1. admin

      Hi Rachel

      I’m sure something could be sorted out for you. The basic Shelter building was completed yesterday (6th Dec) and so does not yet have an electrical supply to it. As a member, you are most welcome, of course, to come and have a look to judge the potential of the building at any time, and if you wanted to speak with anyone we will be very happy to do that.

      Kind Regards
      Marti Squire
      Assistant Manager
      Monkton Nature Reserve

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