Educational FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Reserve Visits

▪ How much do the visits cost?

For school groups and adult social groups, we charge a cost of £5 an adult and £2.50 a child, with a £20 per hour charge for any activities carried out with staff members. For youth groups and vulnerable adult groups, we offer negotiated rates, so please contact us to see our pricing structure.

▪ Do you provide risk assessments?

Yes, we will send through relevant risk assessments which you can use independently or to guide your own risk assessments.

▪ Can we carry out a pre-visit site assessment?

Of course! We offer a free visit to any potential teachers or group leaders with a chance to see the Reserve and speak to our Environmental Education Officer.

▪ Do you provide activities or can we visit independently?

Either. We can provide educational activities with members of staff or alternatively you can visit independently to carry out your own lesson plans.

▪ Are the activities based inside or outdoors?

We have a mixture of activities which include indoor and outdoor learning. Where possible we provide outdoor learning but talks on our museum and its exhibits are held indoor in our Field Study Centre.

▪ What if it rains?

In smaller, passing showers, activities will continue, however in continual rain, activities will be moved where possible indoors to our Field Study Centre. We do offer flexibility in the days running up to the visit, so if the weather is predicted to be bad, then we can reschedule.

▪ Where can we have our lunch breaks?

We have an outdoors picnic area which can be used for breaks, otherwise we have space inside the Field Study Centre for groups.

▪ Is there disabled access?

Yes, we have a disabled car park next to the Field Study Centre and space for two minibuses. The Field Study Centre has disabled access, and disabled toilet facilities. Some areas of the Reserve are inaccessible, however there are areas specifically for disabled access.

▪ Do you have a gift shop?

We do indeed! We have a small gift shop in Reception with items starting from 10 pence. In addition, our bookshop throughout the Centre is always open.

Visits to schools

▪ How much do school visits cost?

School visits cost £50 for a 30 minute session and £70 for an hour session which includes a free school assembly. School assemblies separately are also free of charge.

▪ How many sessions can we book?

You can book as few or as many sessions as you like for a day, simply work out your own schedule with the timings provided. We will require set up/clearing away time between each session, though this should only take 5 minutes.

▪ Can you offer alternative topics?

We can do, but please get in contact so we can arrange something more suited to your criteria.

▪ How many children per session?

Maximum of one class per session, with 30 children. Sessions with practical elements will require an appropriate number of teaching staff per class.

Adult social groups

▪ Can you come to our organisation to give a talk?

Yes – get in touch to find out what talks we can offer

▪ Can we come to volunteer with you?

Yes please! Our volunteers have a wide range of ages and abilities so everyone can help us in some way. Please contact the Reserve to register your interest.

▪ Can we come to the Reserve just to look around?

Of course! We get groups such as photographers, ramblers and wildlife enthusiasts who all enjoy walking around the Reserve. You will be charged at our standard admission price.