Event: The Little Things That Run The Earth

The Little Things That Run The Earth

As the planet comes under pressure from an increased population and growing demand for land, food and natural resources, this presentation takes a look at the ways in which the ‘little guys’ carry out vital functions that man takes for granted.

From fresh air to waste disposal and food security, we rely on a myriad of small organisms for our well-being that makes our claim to be the ‘masters of the universe’ rather questionable! This talk highlights some of the crucial roles that bacteria, insects and other invertebrates play in providing an ecosystem that is fit for human habitation.

This is the first of the Tony Harman Lectures, in memory of our former Trustee and brilliant entomologist who sadly passed away in 2015. The talk will be given by the biologist, Dr Clive Nuttman.

Price: £4 per adult; £2 for members

Time: 1pm – 3pm

There is a limit of 20 places available.

Payment will be taken on the day, but it is advised that you book a place in advance by calling the Reserve on 01843 822666.