Impromptu Astronomy Viewing Session

Impromptu Astronomy Viewing Session

On the evening of Friday 20th January the Monkton Stargazers held another of their impromptu astronomy viewing sessions. These sessions are advertised to members of Monkton Nature Reserve who take up the option of free enrolment to the Stargazers group. John Hislop, one of the Reserve’s astronomers posted this report of the evening:

With the fabulously clear skies we have been having recently we decided to organise an impromptu viewing evening at the Monkton Nature Reserve. On Friday we had the largest gathering of astronomers we have ever had! They were lots of wow comments of course for the views of the planets Venus, Mars and Uranus. We could see the half phase of Venus which explains why it is so bright. Other delights included the Andromeda galaxy and the star cluster known as the Pleiades. We saw the remnants of a supernova, the Crab nebula, which occurred in 1054 and recorded by the Chinese astronomers. The stellar nursery of the Orion nebula where stars are being born elicited the comment ‘that’s so pretty’! There was a large contingent of pupils from St Joseph’s Catholic Primary school which was very pleasing.

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