Leaving a Legacy

Is there a place for us in your Will?

How can your gift make a difference?

Leaving a gift in your Will, however large or small, will help Thanet Countryside Trust continue to protect the indigenous flora and fauna on the Isle of Thanet.

Safeguard Our Future
As a registered charity the Thanet Countryside Trust is exempt from tax, so your bequest would be realised in full and will safeguard the work of the Trust for future generations.

It is easy to take our wildlife for granted, but many of our birds, wild flowers, butterflies etc., are disappearing from our back gardens and our ever threatened countryside. A legacy in your Will is a vital way of helping Thanet Countryside Trust protect our local native flora and fauna and educate and inform future generations to care and learn about their natural environment and natural history.

Your gift can secure the future of the work of the Trust especially at Monkton Nature Reserve, where a Field Study/Interpretive Centre has been established since 1986 in the old 16 acre chalk quarry.

Under Pressure
We try to use all our facilities and knowledge to protect and conserve the Isle of Thanet’s wildlife. The natural world around us can no longer be taken for granted as it was in the past. We work to encourage awareness that nature is now under more pressure than ever before – just to survive!

Working for the future of wildlife on the Isle of Thanet