Monkton Nature Reserve Bookshop

Monkton Nature Reserve Bookshop

With autumn on its way and evenings drawing in, what could be better than curling up on the sofa with a good book?

We receive frequent donations of books, so it is worth popping in to see us from time to time to see what is new. Anyone studying literature may find one of their set books in our classics section, and we do have a great mixture of non-fiction subjects. Learning a new language? Then we may have just the dictionary for you: we have had language books from Afrikaans to Welsh!

If you are thinking of donating books to us, please consider whether they are in a saleable condition (sometimes they fall apart in our hands!) and please also remove any personal material (letters or bills, etc) that you may not wish to be made public! Please note that we do not accept hardback fiction as it is, sadly, very unlikely to sell.

We have not yet finalised our BARGAIN BOOKS (50p) for October, but we will have a good selection of Alexander Kent (pen name of Douglas Reeman), who writes nautical war novels set in the 18th century.


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