On-Site Education Packages

Outdoors learning is now seen as an essential part of learning and development with its benefits being largely recognised. Our greatest educational facility is the Reserve, 16 acres of natural habitat where we offer a range of curriculum-based, practical learning sessions for schools.

Workshops and talks are hosted around our site, either outdoors in the Reserve, or in our Field Study Centre utilising our two museums.

As a charitable community organisation, we offer competitive rates for schools, at £5 per adult, £2.50 per child and an additional £20 per hour for activities.

Below are some of sessions that we organise for children, each of which are related to the curriculum for each key stage, from primary to further education teaching.

Primary Education

Topic Content Key stage
Waste Learn about the 3 R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle. Learn to re-use materials in a craft workshop. KS1
Mini-beast safari A hunt to find different creepy crawlies, including lizards and slowworms around the Reserve. KS1
Fossil and dinosaur talk Learn about British dinosaurs and fossils with genuine specimens. KS1, KS2
Great plant hunt Hunt through the Reserve and identify key plant species, seeing if you can spot a rare orchid! KS1, KS2
Birds of prey. See some real birds of prey and learn about their lifestyles, hunting and adaptations. KS1, KS2
Owl pellet dissections Dissect owl pellets and reassemble the skeletons, discuss food chains and adaptations of birds of prey. (Done as part of birds of prey) KS2
Pond dipping A practical pond dipping session using our on-site pond, scoring our pond health according to its invertebrate species. KS1, KS2
Habitats A walk around the school grounds to see which habitats can be found, and what sort of species could use them. KS2


Topics related to the National Curriculum to develop children’s learning trough practical sessions and interesting talks.

Other subjects can also be covered, please get in touch to find out more information and see what else we can offer.

If you are interested in an educational visit to Monkton Nature Reserve, please contact us on 01843 822666 or via email to

Alternatively, we offer teachers a free visit to talk to us directly about education options.