Second-Hand Bookshop

Our second-hand bookshop has anBookshop extensive range of approximately 8,000 books for sale, both fiction and non-fiction.


The generous book donations which we regularly receive from our supporters mean that we have an estimated 8,000 books for sale, covering fiction, natural history, science, biography, history, politics, children’s books, photography, transport, sport, crafts, gardening, cookery, music…..the list could go on! In short, we probably have something for every taste.



DSC_0057_4316 copyAll books are very reasonably priced, too. All of our fiction paperbacks are priced at only 50p, and most of the hardback non-fiction is priced at £1 per volume. Children’s books are priced from 30p.

We also offer some books (for example, those of a specialist nature) for sale on eBay.


Book Donations

We are always grateful to receive donations of books, including encyclopedias. We accept all subjects and the money raised will help Thanet Countryside Trust to continue its work of conservation and education at the Reserve.

Monkton Nature Reserve Bookshop on Facebook

We now have a dedicated page on Facebook for the Monkton Nature Reserve Bookshop where we advertise a small selection of the books we have available.

We currently cannot, unfortunately, sell these books on-line, but are happy to put books aside for anyone so that they can come to the Reserve to purchase them. The books listed are just a very small selection of those we have at the Reserve, so feel free to come and browse at your leisure, as entrance to the bookshop is free.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Reserve, perhaps helping out in the bookshop, then please go to our Volunteering Positions page and see what opportunities we currently have. You will also find a link to a PDF volunteering form, which you can download, fill-in and return to us if there are any roles you are interested in.