The Education Garden

The Education Garden

For the past couple of years we have been working on developing an area near the Field Study
Centre that we could use as an outdoor classroom and work space. Although to begin with there was not a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve with the space, over time small projects have helped us see the bigger picture. We began by landscaping the area, created a pathway and cut some large steps into the bank so that we could use it as a stage for presentations. Other projects included the addition of two large raised beds, planting a young privet hedge and crafting a living willow fence.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 06.52.17Over the summer we asked a group of adults and support workers from the Walmer Centre in Deal if they would be interested in taking on some work in the Education Garden. The group have been members for a while and were keen to get stuck into something new. Led by staff members Vic Wilson and Martin Keane, they have created some new, wildlife-friendly features to the area including an insect house (pictured above), a compost heap, hand-made bird boxes and more natural fencing. The group have plans in the spring to plant medicinal herbs in one of the raised beds with the theme centred on plants with healing properties. The other bed will be used to grow
organic vegetables again.


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