Website Refreshment

We are currently in the process of refreshing and expanding our website. We are looking to give the existing pages a bit of a face-lift, and to add entirely new content.


The updated Events section shows the first batch of exciting content we have proposed for 2016. Ranging from dinosaurs, to the natural history of Madagascar, to the transit of Mercury, as well as the regular events by the Monkton Stargazers, and the always popular birds of prey exhibition during school holidays, we have a diversity of topics which will appeal to adults and children alike.

One of the first new pages to appear on the site is a page devoted to our extensive second-hand bookshop. This page will provide information on the new Themed Books of the Month section which will be on offer for just 50p each.

We hope you will like what we have planned for the website over the next few coming weeks, and that it will be your first port of call for news about the Reserve.


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